New Attributes For Tech Insights Monitoring


Vyopta has released new attributes for Tech Insights Monitoring that will offer improved solutions for CUCM, MS Teams and Google Meet.

So what are attributes?

Attributes are the elements you select to create tables within your datasets. For example, this table has the attributes of Source, Target, Data Source, System Name & Start and End Time. These attributes can also be used as metrics when creating your dashboards.


What are the new attributes that have been released?

The new attributes released are:

  • Disconnect Reason:Raw value from data source on why the call disconnected. This is a strict contract, Vyopta does no transformation on values
  • Disconnect Details: A string of interpreted values (per data source) describing the disconnect including the stage and who disconnected.
  • Originating Device Name: For CUCM, this is the text string indicating the name of the originating device.
  • Destination Device Name: For CUCM, this is the text string indicating the name of the destination device.
  • User Rating: The end-user (Source) subjective rating of the call from 1 (worst) to 5 (best) stars. Zeros are call legs without ratings.
  • Call Type: A designation of video or audio used. Other possibilities like "unknown" or "control" may exist in some scenarios.

How do you select the new attributes?

To select the new attributes, go to Tech Insights Monitoring and select the "Calls" dataset. Then click the "Edit" hyperlink on the top-right.


The attributes you can select will depend on the data source selected on the left.


At the top of the attribute window, you can select all attributes or search for a specific attribute within the search field. You can also use the toggle to show descriptions of the attributes.


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