Vyopta Collector 4.7.0 - Highlights and Release Notes

Release Date: April 6th 2021 


Key Highlights for 4.7 GA Release 

  • New Features

    • IX5000 Endpoint Monitoring,  includes live call and quality monitoring plus the following new functionalities 
      • Peripheral status monitoring for the following
        • Camera
        • Display 
        • Touch panel
      • Additional Quality metric - Frame Rate
      • Additional non-call metrics - Temperature
    • Added Custom EAI download support in CSV driver
    • Revamped CUCM driver that now supports up/down status and collection optimizations across both Publisher and Subscriber
    • Automatically exit collector for expired orgs
    • Installer: Double-click install support for Windows Platform    
  • Improvements

    • CUCM Driver: Improved collector CPU management to support customers with large number of endpoints 
    • Galaxy platform: Increased scalability for processing, consolidating and sending metrics to platform 
    • MCU & CTPS: Improved time calculations when device time query could be missing
  • Bug fixes

    • Galaxy platform:
      • Fixed I/O reactor errors
      • Fixed NTLM proxy authentication issue
    • VCS Driver - Fixed multiple bugs including but not limited to unmarshalling exception, Index out of bound exception, and real time adapter threads. 



Release notes - Collector - Version  4.7.0 

New Features

COL-2178  CUCM Driver: Revamped collection - Dynamically detect Pub/Sub settings to improve status detection and optimize collection

COL-2357 Galaxy Platform: Improved multi thread capabilities in real time collector to avoid data queueing

COL-2342  CSV Driver: Add support for Custom EAI download 

COL-2290  Galaxy platform: Improved processing, consolidation and sending of metrics to platform

COL-2280  Create (port over) driver for Cisco Immersive IX5000 endpoints

COL-2278  CTPS & MCU Driver: Add support for scenarios when device time query could be missing

COL-2272  Polycom GS/HDX: Add additional support for collecting Packetloss rate using Web API when available

COL-2000  CTPS Driver: Add support for new RT protocol

COL-1999  Pexip Driver: Add support for new RT protocol

COL-2374  Galaxy Platform: Automatically exit collector for expired orgs

COL-2379  Galaxy Platform: Add ability to set the platform service version using vyoptacollector.xml

COL-2383 Cisco Endpoint Monitor: Add configurable support for using FQDN or machine name in the http feedback slot



COL-2341  VCS Driver: Fix for handling B2BUA calls with duplicate tag values

COL-2320  TMS Driver: Fix issues with successfully determining DB timezone 

COL-2317  VCS Driver: Fix issues with 'Unmarshal Exception' in Real time adapter

COL-2315  VCS Driver: Fix issue with indefinite hanging of VCS RT adapter threads

COL-2305  Galaxy Platform: Fix issue with NTLM Proxy authentication

COL-2302  CUCM Driver: Fix performance issue with high CPU usage on collector server for customers with large number of endpoints

COL-2299  Polycom GS/HDX: Telnet commands timeout after idle delay

COL-2297  Pexip Driver: Fix issue with validation failure caused due to adapter initialization 

COL-2294  VCS Driver: Fix issue with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException affecting real time data

COL-2283  VCS Driver: Fix issue with parse CallData NPE

COL-2277  Galaxy Platform: Fix issue I/O reactor errors

COL-2326  Lifesize Driver: Inform driver and handle invalid responses from other drivers like IX5000

COL-2321  VCS Driver: Fix consistency issues between different real time report types

COL-2314  Polycom X50 Driver: Fix for ignoring probing attempts towards IX5000 since it contains X50 within the model value

COL-2307  CUCM Drive: Fix incorrect call drop issue in real time collector

COL-2304  MCU & RMX Driver:  Fix unwanted thread spawning issue caused by  testConnectivity() modules in real time

COL-2269  Dolby monitor driver: Fix driver crash issues that happen after several minutes of running

COL-2375  Pexip Driver: Fix to handle invalid characters in CDR data 

COL-2382 Galaxy Platform: Database drivers: Upgrade JDBC driver from 7.2.2 to latest (9.2.1)

COL-2391 CUCM Driver: Ignore FTP settings when CDR push mode is enabled

COL-2336 Poly HDX & GS Driver: Fix issues with 'UnReachable' status when no errors are present

COL-2394 Poly X50 & G7500 Monitor: Fix NPE when touch panel information is missing

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