Avoid reporting Third Party / Federated meeting and participant data in Microsoft Teams

With Vyopta's Microsoft Teams collection, users can view all meetings that are hosted and attended by their organization's users. However, some customers have expressed concerns about seeing third-party calls from other tenants, as these external meetings and participants can skew usage and adoption rates for their organization.

To address these concerns, Vyopta has provided filters that users can apply to their datasets and dashboard widgets. These filters will ensure that only relevant meetings, participants, and calls are included in the data.

For Tech Insights Monitoring, you should apply the following filters:

  • Meetings: Participants does not contain 'External user'
  • Calls: Source does not contain 'External user'

For Tech Insights Analytics, you should apply the following filters:

  • Meetings: User Domain contains your MS Teams domain. Third-party meetings show a blank value for a user domain, and federated meetings will show the federated domain.
  • Participants: Participants Address does not contain 'External User'
  • Calls (P2P): No filter is required, as a user of an existing tenant will be part of the call.

It is important to note that an External User is a user that is part of a third-party or federated tenant, while a Guest User is a user who joined a meeting but is not from a third-party or federated tenant.

By applying these filters, users can ensure that they are only seeing data that is relevant to their organization and avoiding any skew in usage and adoption rates. Overall, Vyopta's Microsoft Teams collection provides valuable insights into an organization's meeting activity and can help inform decisions to improve collaboration and productivity.

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