My Alert and Report Emails Are Not Being Delivered - What Should I Check?


I am not receiving the alert and report emails from Vyopta - is there anything I can do to resolve this?


It is possible that the alerts are not being delivered because our email provider has detected too many issues with delivery to your organisation. You should examine the list of recipients, and remove any that are no longer correct (such as leavers, invalid distribution lists etc) and then manually run a report to check delivery. Further verification is possible by adding an email address to the alert that is not within your organisation (such as a personal email address) and noting if this is delivered. If the email is received, then Vyopta has sent the message, but the other addresses specified may be at fault.


It is essential to maintain the list of email addresses specified on reports and alerts - non-delivery because of problems in the recipients is beyond Vyopta's control.

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