Mass Deployment of MTR Agent

Vyopta has recently released the MTR Agent that allows for direct peripheral and status monitoring. The MTR agent currently only supports Microsoft Teams Rooms that are running Windows as an operating system. This guide will walk you through mass deploying the agent.


  • Microsoft Teams Added as an infrastructure in Vyopta
  • Access to Microsofts Endpoint Manager aka Intune
  • Device Group of only Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Collector Version 4.8.8 or above
  • Collector running in relay mode with relay token. 
  • The intunewin file

Aquiring the intunewin file

Please reach out to your CSM for the intunewin file


Network Requirements

All MTR devices will need to be able to reach the Vyopta Data Collector to send the data over to Vyopta. The following ports need to be opened inbound to the Vyopta Data Collector:

  • Port 80
  • Port 81

The ports can be changed by setting the following property in the vyoptacollector.xml file

<property key="relay.port">PORTNUMBER</property>

Example: If you set the relay port to 8888, port 8888 and 8889 will be used.

Setting the Vyopta Data Collector to Relay Mode

1. Log into the main collector server

2. Go to the Vyopta install directory, generally located at C:\Vyopta

3. Edit the vyoptacollector.xml file and add the following parameters:

<property key="mode">relay</property>
<property key="relay.auth">false</property>

4. Save the file and restart the Vyopta Collector Service

Deploying the MTR Agent

1. Head to

2. Go To Apps, then click on All Apps

3. Click on Add and select the App Type of "Windows app (Win32)" as seen below then click Select


4. Once the new page loads, upload the intunewin file provided

5. Fill in the fields as below then click Next:

Name: Vyopta MTR Agent

Description: Vyopta Microsoft Teams Room Agent for windows

Publisher: Vyopta Inc. 

App Version: 4.8.X (contact your CSM for the version number)

6. In the Program Tab fill in the following then click next:

Install command: setup.exe -install -url http://<URL To Relay Server or Cloud> -broker ""
Uninstall command: setup.exe -uninstall

Install Behavior: System

7. Under the Requirements tab configure the following then click next:

Operating System architecture: 64-bit

Minimum operating system: Admins choice 

8. Under the Detection rules tab, select "Manually configure detection rules" for Rules format

9. Add a detection rule by clicking the Add button and selecting Registry for rule type.

Fill in the following:

Key Path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\VyoptaCPMDataCollectorService

Value name Description

Detection method String Comparison

Operator Equals

Value Vyopta CPM Data Collector (Galaxy) (

10. Then click OK and Next.

11. No parameters are needed for the dependencies tab, click next. 

12. No parameters for Supersedence tab.

13. Under the Assignments Tab, click on "Add Group" under the required section and select the group of MTR devices that you would like to deploy this on. 

14. Once device assignment is performed, click Next and review the configuration and create. 


Endpoint Security aka Intune generally takes an hour to pick up the newly added program. It can however take longer. This is not a Vyopta function but an Endpoint Manager function. 

Verifying Agent is installed

There are 2 methods of verifying the Agent is installed on a device.

In Endpoint Manager:

1. Go To Devices

2. Locate the MTR device

3. Click on Managed Apps

4. Locate Vyopta MTR Agent 

5. You will see on the last column "Installation Status" to indicate if it was installed or not. 

By logging into the MTR device:

1. Login to the MTR device using prefered method

2. Open up windows explorer

3. Locate the Vyopta directory under the C:\ drive. 

Uninstalling the MTR Agent

1. In Endpoint Manager, go to "Apps"

2. Click on "All Apps"

3. Locate "Vyopta MTR Agent" and click on it. 

4. Go to Properties

5. Scroll down to "Assignments" and click the Edit button

6. Delete the group assignment under "Required"

7. Add the same group to "Uninstall" 

8. Click on Review + Save and then Save. 

Endpoint Security aka Intune generally takes an hour to pick up the change to assignment groups. It can however take longer. This is not a Vyopta function but an Endpoint Manager function


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