Vyopta Cisco Support and Services


Vyopta Solution Architecture

How Vyopta Software Works:




The Vyopta platform is a Software-as-a-Service offering that leverages the power of the cloud to meet the security and scaling needs of our customers.  For on-premises components, Vyopta uses a collection engine that is deployed on the customer network that collects data using API and other calls.  For most UCaaS and VCaaS platforms, Vyopta benefits from cloud-cloud connectivity to collect monitoring and analytics data. 


The data is then encrypted and sent via HTTPS to the analytics engine where the data from multiple sources across the collaboration environment is aggregated, cleansed, and sorted.  Vyopta admins and users can access their organization’s data through individual unique username/password logins that allow for different permissions, access levels, and dashboards.   







Cisco Support for CPM Monitoring®

CPM Monitoring® is the heart of the solution that enables real-time monitoring of UC video, voice, etc, and enables deep levels of troubleshooting across all elements of a call, from software clients to UCaaS platforms to conferencing endpoints and more. CPMM enables performance and quality of liveand recent meetings with real-time health status and detailed metrics, while helping IT teams transition from reactive to proactive UC performance management.





Cisco Infrastructure / Cloud Service Support from CPM:

  • Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE)
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM – Learn More)
  • Codian Bridges(MCU)
  • Collaboration Meeting Server (CMS)
  • Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS)
  • ISDN Gateway
  • JabberMovi
  • JabberUC
  • TelePresence Content Server (TCS)
  • TelePresence Management Suite (TMS)
  • TelePresence Server (TPS)
  • Cisco Video Endpoints (SX/DX/MX series to current Webex Room and Desk)
  • Video Communication Server (VCS) Control & Expressway
  • Webex

CPM Monitoring®- Dashboard (real-time)

  • Availability (Up/down) status of Video endpoints
  • Availability (Up/down) status of Touch panels for Video endpoints
  • Availability (Up/down) status of Cameras for Video endpoints
  • Availability (Up/down) status of Voice endpoint (phone) 
  • Availability (Up/down) status of Call Control
  • Availability (Up/down) status of Bridge
  • Call Control License Capacity
  • Call Control Registration Count
  • Bridge Utilization, Port license, Participant and Media load Capacity (up to 30 days)
  • Bridge Meeting Quality KPI Ratings and Charts
  • Endpoint Call Quality KPI Ratings and Charts
  • Bridge Meeting Quality Trends (good, fair, bad) over time (up to 30 days)
  • Endpoint Call Quality Trends (good, fair, bad) over time (up to 30 days)
  • Endpoint Availability status Trends over time (up to 30 days)
  • Ability to add any number of customized panels with filtered data views
  • Trunk Calls in Trends and KPIs
  • Availability (Up/down) status of Trunks
  • Customizable interface

CPM Monitoring® - Infrastructure

  • Availability Status and Capacity of individual Bridges
  • Availability Status and Capacity of individual Call controls
  • Active meetings and participants count for Bridges
  • Active calls count for CUCM and VCS/VCSX
  • Active registered endpoint count for CUCM
  • CumulativeHD Port Capacity for CMS
  • Traversal and Non traversal Capacity for VCS/VCSX

CPM Monitoring® - Trunks

  • Creation of “Trunks” at the target-protocol level from CUBE dial peer collection
  • Trunk availability status
  • Filtering, sorting, and multi-sorting on:
    • Trunk Name
    • Target IP
    • Target Host
    • Protocol
    • Status
    • Data Source
    • System Name

CPM Monitoring® - Endpoints

  • Status (up/down, registration)
  • Connected Peripheral device statuses
    • Touch panel status
    • Camera status
    • Display status
    • Microphone status 
  • Lists Endpoint host address and registration alias information
  • Drill down into calls for each endpoint for Call quality troubleshooting
  • Drill down into Endpoints details view page for Hardware and software details including image of the Codec for over-the-shoulder troubleshooting help.
  • Search, filter or sort based on the metrics for Endpoints


CPM Monitoring® - Calls

  • Lists all active and recent (up to 30 days) calls from Endpoints, Call controls, Bridges, and trunks (including specific trunk name when considering CUBE).
  • Drill down into call details of each endpoints call to display audio/video/presentation channel quality for both directions (receive, transmit)
  • Drill down into call details of calls going through VCS Control, Expressway Core and Expressway Edge including MRA to display audio/video/presentation channel quality stats for both directions (receive, transmit)
  • Detailed quality charts providing end to end visibility for the duration of each call
  • Display near real time CDRs (Call Detail Record) & CMRs(Call Management Records with quality) details for CUCM calls.
  • Search, filter or sort based on the metrics for Calls


CPM Monitoring® - Meetings

  • Lists all active and recent (up to 30 days) meetings and participants from Cisco Bridges (MCU, TPS, CMS)
  • Drill down to list all active and recent (up to 30 days) participants for each Bridge Meetings (MCU, TPS, CMS)
  • Drill down into participant details to display audio/video/presentation channel quality for both directions (receive, transmit)
  • Drill down to individual participant quality metrics (packet loss, jitter, etc)
  • Detailed quality charts providing end to end visibility for the duration of each participant
  • Search, filter or sort based on the metrics for Meetings


CPM Monitoring® - Alerts

  • Alerts for status - (endpoints, bridges, call control, trunks)
  • Alerts for capacity of bridges
  • Alerts for capacity of call control
  • Alerts for call quality of bridges
  • Alerts for call quality of endpoints
  • Alerts for call traffic (number of calls) on trunks
  • Alerts for video endpoints camera, display, touch panel or microphone disconnected
  • Alerts for video endpoints CPU and temperature
  • Long or single participant bridge calls
  • User defined alert settings for customizable alerting
  • Alerts delivered via email or webhook connection to ticketing or chat system



Cisco Support for CPM Analytics®

 CPM Analytics® generates actionable insights from historical performance trends and utilization data in order to enhance user experience, grow adoption, improve operational planning, and optimize capex and opex investments. 




CPM Analytics® - Overview:

  • Capture screen, share raw data, send links - share & schedule reports
  • Customizable interface to aggregate all data (participants, meetings, endpoints, etc)
  • Integration with custom data (HR, Geo, Dept, etc.)
  • Role based access for platform
  • UI customized for each user as they log in
  • Copy dashboards to other users in domain
  • Custom date ranges


CPM Analytics® - Dashboard:

  • Infrastructure Summary
  • Bridge Meetings by Server
  • Meetings, Calls, or Minutes by technology
  • Calls by Protocol
  • Calls by Location Node
  • Calls by status (connect, not connect)
  • Bridge Participant Call Quality
  • Summary meeting activity stats (Participants, Duration, etc)
  • Endpoint Summary
  • Endpoint summary by Category
  • Endpoint summary by model type
  • Breakdown of endpoint utilization for time period
  • Meetings summary from bridges
  • Meeting summary including point-to-point calls
  • Audio vs Video (minutes or calls)
  • Total Meeting Minutes & Trend
  • Total Participants & Trend
  • Total Participant Minutes & Trend
  • Internal vs External (minutes or calls)
  • Active Endpoints/Users
  • Total Video Minutes & Trend


CPM Analytics® – Adoption:

  • Bridge Technology Usage Trend
  • Individual Bridge Server usage trend
  • Endpoint Usage Trends (meetings, calls, minutes)
  • Endpoint trends by type & Model
  • Internal vs. External calls
  • Top/Bottom 10 endpoint summary by type
  • Audio vs. Video calls from endpoints
  • Top/Bottom 10 VMRs by technology
  • Active vs. Inactive Endpoints (HW and SW)
  • Calls by Protocol Trends
  • Meeting Usage Trends (size, duration, etc.)
  • Client Install Trends
  • Calls, Meetings, Participants trends
  • Calls by Endpoint Type, Model, Category
  • Minutes by Endpoint Type, Model, Category
  • Bridge Participant Quality
  • Bridge Participant Quality Trend
  • Drill through to see participant call quality for historical calls
  • Voice Endpoint (phone) usage; Hardware vs Software


CPM Analytics® - Issues:

  • Summary/Trend Analysis of Disconnect Reasons
  • Summary/Trend Analysis of Calls with Packet Loss
  • Calls by Bandwidth Overall and Trends
  • Vulnerability by Endpoint
  • Grouping/Filtering by location or custom tags
  • Grouping/filtering by technology, firmware, infrastructure, call type, endpoint type and more
  • SIP Toll fraud attempt detection


CPM Analytics® – Capacity:

  • CMS Peak Capacity Trend
  • TPS Peak Capacity Trend (Conductor and Standalone)
  • MCU Peak Capacity Trend
  • VCS Control Cluster Capacity (Traversal/non)
  • VCS Expressway Cluster Capacity (Traversal/non)
  • VCS Control Capacity (Traversal/non)
  • VCS Expressway Capacity (Traversal/non)
  • Drill through for participant details
  • Concurrent Bandwidth peak overall and by Location
  • Concurrent Call Peak overall and by Location
  • Concurrent Meeting Peak
  • Concurrent Meeting Peak by system
  • Trunk Capacity by trunk type
  • Trunk Capacity by trunk device name


CPM Analytics® – Meetings:

  • Meeting details for bridge
  • Meeting details for Point to Point calls
  • Drill down to individual meeting participants
  • Space/VMR utilization with filtering/sorting
  • Meeting data organized by participant
  • Participant Call Quality details by channel (jitter, packet loss, codec, etc.)
  • Ability to filter, sort, and search through call details
  • Vyopta real time data displayed in historical for each participant of past calls


CPM Analytics® – Endpoints:

  • Usage details for every endpoint (by model, type, utilization %, total calls, etc.)
  • Endpoint Inventory (firmware, serial#, Vulnerabilities)
  • Endpoint Details for every call (disconnect reason, bandwidth, source, target, packet loss)
  • Call details for unmanaged devices
  • Drill through endpoints for lists of calls
  • Ability to apply custom data structure (hierarchy from TMS folders, etc)
  • Ability to filter, sort, and search through call details (total calls, video calls, quality issues)
  • Built-in endpoint utilization calculation based on customer input
  • Summary of call issues by individual endpoints
  • Drill through call issues to pre-sort bad calls
  • Inventory list of all endpoints including firmware, etc.
  • Security vulnerability of each endpoints based on OEM alerts
  • Search and filter through all bad calls


CPM Analytics® – Users:

  • Usage details for every Webex Host User 
  • Drill through Users for lists of meetings hosted by the user including Meeting minutes and participant count
  • Usage details for every Webex Host User by Department, Active status, Registration date, etc.
  • Ability to apply custom data structure (User tagging)
  • Ability to filter, sort, and search through each User details


Custom Data Integration

  • Synchronization with management system like TMS folders
  • Custom integration with other databases
  • Manual data tagging for any customer data categories for reporting purposes


Automated Reporting

  • Create over 1000 different visual types 
  • Assemble panels into unlimited dashboards
  • Capture, share, and schedule dashboards through email to unlimited users


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